The Streaming industry, with its global audience, demands a payment system as dynamic as its content.
We ensure that payment barriers don't hinder the streaming experience, enabling seamless access to content across the globe.

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Common Problems
Streaming services face challenges with subscription growth in Latin America due to diverse payment preferences and the prevalence of cash-based economies.
FacilitaPay enables streaming platforms to offer a variety of payment options, supporting subscriber acquisition and retention in cash-preferred economies.
A Single API for
Multiple Countries
Accept alternative local payment methods.
Reach a wider audience with less hassle.

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Even more benefits
Tailored payment experiences aligned with user preferences
Enhanced ad sales
with flexible local payment options for advertisers
Data insights on local market trends to inform targeted content and advertising strategies
Lower drop-off rates
at the point of purchase
Enrich your local payments. Reach a wider consumer base.
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