Global Remittance Companies
In an increasingly connected world, Global Remittance Companies stand as vital bridges for financial transactions across borders. Despite advancements, there remains a challenge in integrating diverse financial systems for seamless transactions.
We strive to revolutionize this space by enabling efficient and accessible cross-border payments, ensuring that your hard-earned money reaches its destination swiftly and securely.

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Common Problems
High fees and slow transaction times plague customers using global remittance services to send money to Latin America.
Leveraging FacilitaPay for direct local payouts, remittance companies can provide faster, cost-effective services.
Customers who
benefit from the solution
A Single API for
Multiple Countries
Accept alternative local payment methods.
Reach a wider audience with less hassle.

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Even more benefits
Lower operational costs through efficient processing
exchange rates
Increased trust with transparent tracking
Expansion of service offerings to underbanked regions
Enrich your local payments. Reach a wider consumer base.
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