Crypto Exchanges
In the dynamic world of Crypto Exchanges, the key to success lies in offering users seamless and secure transactional capabilities.
Our innovative solutions ensure that users can trade and invest in cryptocurrencies with ease
and confidence.

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Common Problems
Crypto exchanges face barriers to entry in Latin American markets due to regulatory challenges and payment infrastructure limitations.
FacilitaPay bridges the gap by offering compliant, localized payment channels for crypto transactions.
Customers who
benefit from the solution
A Single API for
Multiple Countries
Accept alternative local payment methods.
Reach a wider audience with less hassle.

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Even more benefits
Facilitated user onboarding with local payment methods
counterparty risk with regulated payment flows
Access to a growing market of crypto users in Latin America
Diversified revenue streams through new market penetration
Enrich your local payments. Reach a wider consumer base.
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