Master local payment collection emerging markets

Attract and maintain a new customer base with locally trusted payment methods, all in their local currencies.

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Deliver a local payment experience and leverage the best features to boost conversion rates
Local Credit/Debit cards
Local alternative payment methods
Local Transfers
Digital Wallets
Reach more than 95% consumers in emerging markets, by accepting the payment methods in which they rely on every day.

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Increase approval rates
Prevent chargebacks
Connect directly to local payment rails
Deliver a faster and low cost experience to your end users
How it works
A local bank account within FacilitaPay is created for the merchant
End user accesses merchants checkout page / app
FacilitaPay API acts in the back-end of the merchant's banking system
FacilitaPay receives and identifies the deposits made in the local account
FacilitaPay converts the funds to the currency of the merchant choosing
The merchant chooses when the money is wired to the their international bank account

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We bring to the table expertise across various industries and proficiency in handling diverse payment needs. Check out our offerings to stay ahead of the competition and grab more opportunities in our markets.

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