The SaaS industry is transforming how businesses operate, offering scalable and efficient solutions. Yet, the true potential of SaaS is often hindered by limitations in global payment processes.
We address this gap by providing streamlined payment solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the SaaS ecosystem, enabling companies to expand their reach and operate with greater financial agility.

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Common Problems
SaaS companies face difficulties in subscription management and recurring billing across diverse Latin American markets.
FacilitaPay enables SaaS providers to automate billing in local currencies while maintaining compliance with regional tax laws.
Customers who
benefit from the solution
A Single API for
Multiple Countries
Accept alternative local payment methods.
Reach a wider audience with less hassle.

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Even more benefits
Scalable infrastructure to support growth
Tailored subscription models for different markets
Reduction in failed payments with local processing
Access to analytics for customer payment behaviors
Enrich your local payments. Reach a wider consumer base.
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