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Many Latin American countries have experienced significant economic growth during the last decade, leading to an expanding middle class and increased purchasing power. In this market, local payment methods and the localized approach play an essential role for those who want to prosper in the region.

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Why Latin America is a significant market?

Latin America represents a significant market for global companies to expand to due to its large and rapidly growing population, increasing internet connectivity, and growing consumer spending power. With a population of over 650 million people, a significant growth in internet connectivity with (over 70% of Latins) and a fast-growing middle class, Latin America presents a significant opportunity for companies looking to tap into the growing user spending power in the region.

With FacilitaPay as your local payments partner, your company will be able to navigate the region's unique challenges and opportunities, allowing you to integrate the most popular payment methods and currencies that users in the region need to access global goods and services - all through one single and seamless integration.

Most popular payment methods by countries.

PIX (Instant Payment)

The instant payment system created by the Central Bank of Brazil is changing the market by performing transfers and payments, in a few seconds, at any time of the day - including weekends and holidays - in a safe and practical way.

Local Credit Cards

The usage of credit cards has been growing. Although, internationally-enabled credit cards make up only 24% of e-commerce transactions. Start to accept both international and domestic cards and increase your conversions.

Local Debit Cards

A debit card is a common payment method in Brazil. Today, there are 116M active debit cards in the country, with 664B reais spent with this method in 2019. Accept debit cards to reach a new consumer base and optimize your revenue in Brazil.


Brazilians have the habit of splitting the total amount of a purchase made with a credit card in up to 12 monthly payments. Allow your customers to make higher-value purchases and increase your average ticket size.

Boleto Bancário

Brazil has a cash-centric culture, and Boleto has been historically used by the Brazilian population to pay for monthly bills, taxes, and also e-commerce purchases. Reach the unbanked population and also those whose preference is Boleto out of habit.


Brazil has the seventh largest crypto market in the world and is growing rapidly. With FacilitaPay, you can make settlement in crypto, on/off ramp solutions and receive your local payments in stablecoins.

Digital Wallets

The popularity of digital wallets is increasing in Brazil, mostly due to the benefits offered by them, such as convenience, security, and simplicity to pay. Be ahead of the market and start to offer digital wallets on your e-commerce store.

Other Alternative Payments

Brazil has several ways to pay online beyond credit cards. Bank Transfer and Online Debit are two effective payment options. Allow consumers to use their usual bank account to make an instant payment without the risk of chargeback for you.

RedCompra (Debit)

This is the most common debit system in Chile, allowing secure and instant payments. It is integrated into practically all banks in the country and is accepted in many commercial establishments.

Webpay (Credit and Debit Card)

This online system allows payments via credit and debit cards and is widely accepted in e-commerce in Chile. It offers a convenient and secure way to carry out online transactions.


It's a mobile app that facilitates digital payments and transfers. With this platform, users can make payments in physical stores and online in a quick and secure manner.

Bank Transfer

Transfers between bank accounts are common for higher-value payments. Many Chilean banks offer instant or nearly instant transfers.


This is a service that allows cash deposits and withdrawals at stores and affiliated establishments. It also offers options for bill payments and services.


This is a popular method for paying bills and making other types of payments in physical establishments. It's a convenient way to pay utility bills, taxes, and other expenses without the need for a bank account.


Credit card issued by the Falabella store, it is one of the most popular credit cards in Chile and is accepted at various establishments. It also offers financing options.


Service that allows the payment of bills and other financial transactions in physical establishments. It is widely used for utility bill payments, mobile phone top-ups, and others.


This is a credit card issued by the Hites store and is accepted at a variety of establishments in addition to the brand's own stores. It also offers various promotions and discounts.


Specific credit card, generally accepted in affiliated stores and establishments such as supermarkets and gas stations. Offers benefits like exclusive discounts and promotions.

Mercado Pago

This is a widely used digital wallet for online shopping, bill payments, and money transfers. It offers a secure and convenient way to conduct financial transactions.


This international online payment service is accepted by many sellers and online stores in Chile. It is a safe and effective option for cross-border transactions.

Local Credit Cards

This payment method is one of the primary options of Colombians when shopping online. All Colombian cards are enabled to make international purchases, yet, local banks and issuers impose some obstacles to international shopping. FacilitaPay card solution offers local acquiring what increases approval rates.

Local Debit Cards

Debit card usage in Colombia has been growing rapidly in recent years, with over 20 million cardholders in the country as of 2021. The number of POS terminals in Colombia has been increasing, with over 200,000 in use as of 2021. This has helped to boost debit card usage, as consumers can now make card payments at a growing number of merchants. FacilitaPay card solution offers local acquiring what increases approval rates.

PSE (Pagos Seguros en Línea)

The preferred alternative payment solution in Colombia. Pagos Seguros en Línea allows your customers to make bank transfers directly from their bank accounts, without needing a credit card.


Baloto is Colombia’s main lottery operator in the country and also has a payment network, with more than 13.500 payment stations, it’s able to reach 96% of the cities. Clients can pay purchases offline or online. When choosing the offline option, they receive a payment voucher with a barcode and a serial number, which can be paid at one of the payment stations.


Being one of the largest payments networks in Colombia, SuRed is partnered with more than 27.000 convenience stores from different brands and across 32 departments. Clients who choose this payment method receive a voucher that can be paid in cash at any of their points.


With real-time confirmation and easy user experience, Efecty is one of the most popular cash payment vouchers in Colombia, payable in over 10,000 locations throughout the country. Increases your sales by reaching a vast part of Colombian customers that prefer to pay offline, with cash and allows you to reach the unbanked population.


Installment purchases are very popular in Colombia, over 70% of online credit card transactions are installment-based. The clients are allowed to pay their purchase in up to 36 months. The banks, who finance the operation charge interest rates, which are charged directly to the client depending on the agreement he has with his bank.


OXXO is one of the most famous voucher payments in Mexico. People are used to going to convenience stores to pay bills, and also their vouchers for e-commerce purchases. Start to accept OXXO as a payment method and reach more consumers.


The most known payment method in Mexico now with real-time confirmation.

Local Credit and Debit Cards

Access to financial services is still growing, and credit card penetration is on the rise in Mexico. Local acquiring can offer better approval rates in Mexico, and you can accept local debit cards.

Credit Card Installments

With installments, consumers can split up purchases in 3, 6, 9, and 12 monthly payments depending on the price of the purchase. Offer installments to your Mexican customers and increase average ticket sizes.


Whenever a Mexican wants to make an interbank transfer, they need to use SPEI. The Mexican system for online banking transactions. Allow your customers to pay for their purchases with online bank transfers through SPEI.


The crypto market is becoming increasingly important in Mexico due to the country's large population of unbanked individuals, high levels of remittance inflows, and growing interest in digital assets as a hedge against inflation and economic instability. With FacilitaPay, you can make settlement in crypto, on/off ramp solutions and receive your local payments in stablecoins.

Digital Wallets

The popularity of digital wallets is increasing in México, mostly due to the benefits offered by them, such as convenience, security, and simplicity to pay. Be ahead of the market and start to offer digital wallets on your e-commerce store.

Other Alternative Payments

Mexico has several payment methods besides credit cards. Voucher payments, Oxxo and digital wallets are very common methods used by online consumers.


Domestic Credit and Debit Cards

In the Latin America market, domestic credit and debit cards have become increasingly popular as a means of payment. They are convenient, secure and widely accepted by merchants across the region. These cards are issued by local banks, and they are tailored to the needs of consumers in each country. Domestic cards also offer benefits such as lower fees and interest rates, as well as rewards programs that are specifically designed for the local market.

The availability of domestic credit and debit cards has enabled more purchasing power for the population in each country. With access to credit, consumers can buy products and services that were previously out of reach. This, in turn, drives economic growth as consumers spend more money, and businesses expand their operations to meet the growing demand. Additionally, debit cards have become an essential tool for those who don't have access to traditional banking services, providing them with a safe and convenient way to manage their money. Overall, the popularity of domestic credit and debit cards in LatAm has opened up new opportunities for individuals and businesses, and has helped to drive the region's economic growth.

With FacilitaPay as a local partner, merchants can accept both international and domestic cards, increasing the addressable market and the approval rates.

How does the credit card work?

The customer selects Credit Cards as the payment method.
The customer fills in the Credit Card Information.
Payment confirmation is sent in real-time to your customer.
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Benefits of accepting credit cards

Increase Approval Rates

With local acquiring, your business has better approval rates.

Less Chargeback risk

Rely on Facilitapay Shield, an advanced anti-fraud strategy, with no extra cost.

Retry Logic

Advanced machine learning technology increases approval rates by minimizing failed payments.

Simplify purchases

Support recurring payments, via card tokenization, and pre-authorization.

Billing Descriptor

Start offering all local payment methods in LatAm to your customers.

Increase your average ticket with installments

Offering installment plans can be a game-changer for businesses looking to expand into Latin America. In many cases, consumers in the region prefer to use installment plans to help manage their budgets and make big-ticket purchases more affordable. This is especially true given that credit card limits in Latin America are typically very low, meaning that consumers may not be able to pay for large purchases all at once without exceeding their limits.

By offering installment plans, businesses can make their products and services more accessible to consumers in Latin America, which can help drive sales and increase customer loyalty.


Alternative payment methods

In the era of digital transformation, payment methods have evolved beyond traditional credit and debit cards. Consumers are now seeking alternative payment options such as e-wallets, mobile payments, and online bank transfers. This trend is gaining momentum worldwide, especially among tech-savvy younger generations who prefer seamless, convenient, and secure payment methods.

By offering multiple payment options, merchants can provide a better shopping experience to their customers and increase their conversion rates. With just a single integration, merchants can accept payments through various channels, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and other alternative payment methods.

As more consumers move towards mobile-based payments, businesses must adapt to keep up with the changing landscape of payment options. Whether it is through the integration of mobile payment gateways or the acceptance of different payment methods, merchants must be willing to evolve and offer their customers the payment options they prefer.

FacilitaPay with local acquiring x International acquiring

Local acquiring

  • International and domestic card schemes
  • Best performance in payments with a direct connection to local acquirers. This way issuer banks will have more local consumer data increasing the approval rates.

  • Customers will have a local payment experience with all the services available, purchasing as it would in a local e-commerce.

  • Installments and recurring billing available.

International acquiring

  • International schemes only
  • Worse performance in payments, as the issuing banks, tend to refuse more transactions from international acquirers due to the lack of information.

  • Limited for those who own internationally enabled cards. The shopping experience is not localized.

  • No installments and no recurring billing.

Start offering all local payment methods in LatAm yo your customers

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