Frequently asked questions

How do I open an account?

You can open an account accessing our page online, or contacting our team via email (

Is Facilita Pay safe?

Yes! FacilitaPay is fully focused in providing the best payment platform for mass payments and safety for our clients funds. The best fiduciary administrators in the world will hold the funds of our thousands of clients, providing safety for all the accounts or payment processed in our platform. Our APIs are fully integrated with our banks, giving a fully automatic transaction instructions to our clients. Everything related to the technology and treasury management was developed in a way that all the funds and transactions can be safely processed.

If you need any other information about our fiduciary administrators or legal questions, please send an email to

Can I FacilitaPay to process payments from other countries besides Brazil?

FacilitaPay accept local payments in more than 70 countries. Our payment stack access all the payment methods available in Brazil, so for this country we have a more complete solution.

Is FacilitaPay owned by a bank?

FacilitaPay is a private company and with a very close relationship with major banks in Brazil. The holding controlling the shares are owned by investors and entrepreneurs from the financial market, but there's no ownership relation with a bank.

Who holds the funds of FacilitaPay clients?

We have 5 fiduciary administrators, that are major banks in Brazil that holds and manage the funds kept in our treasury, providing security for all the funds and payments processed by our financial services. We can also provide a direct fiduciary service for companies seeking more security and more institutions involved.

Is FacilitaPay compliant with Brazilian Central Bank?

Yes, we follow all the obligations required by Brazilian Central Bank as a payment institution, and all the payments processed with us are registered at the regulator.

For questions about it, please contact our legal team at