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Innovation in payment methods: discover Embedded Finance.

The last few years have brought a turnaround in lifestyle and consumption, affecting different sectors, changing business models and bringing an innovation boom in all areas. The evolution of technology in payments, a process considered futuristic and distant not long ago, has become routine for many, being even preferred to other methods used previously.

The biggest trend we are experiencing in this sector is Embedded Finance, which has come to integrate the financial ecosystem's touchpoints.

What is Embedded Finance?

Simplifying, Embedded Finance is a payment infrastructure that connects the seller's end user. The possibilities are countless and, the more varied, the greater the opportunities to reach the desired consumer.

Facilitating this relationship between seller and buyer was the key to solving several problems that gradually grew as the internet and online sales processes expanded.

The combination of financial infrastructure and technology resulted in numerous sub-segments such as BaaS (Bank as a service), PaaS (Payment as a service), Credit as a service, Crypto as a service, among others.

Convenience for the consumer and more sales for the service provider

How does Embedded Finance work effectively? Imagine urgently needing to buy a new charger for your cell phone, go to Amazon, complete the purchase with 1 click and receive the product at your home within a few days/hours. The process of finalizing the purchase without having to go to the checkout screen, adjust the purchase information and then finalize is one of the variants of this technology.

Other methods are already being explored, such as e-wallets, exclusively digital accounts, Buy Now Pay Later, the trend is that there are more and more new ways that add to the user experience.

Opportunities at various points

In Brazil, the imminent completion of the Open Banking process marks a period of many opportunities for fintechs and for the consumer of financial services, providing more data freedom.

We are now experiencing an advance in other forms of digital sales, including augmented or virtual realities, which will further move the integrated financial market in the coming years, as financial interaction will be even more included on the same front-end of these environments than it actually needs. From changing the environment to bank or other fintech apps to make a payment.

A safe investment?

FacilitaPay believes in the progression of technologies that promote complete experiences, converting consumers in the most diverse markets.

We constantly invest in our APIs, which allow us to manage all transactions quickly, integrating any category of system and ensuring a better experience for the international user.

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